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I am an existing association

We are looking to make a change.

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Who We Are

Spaces is a full-service property and HOA management company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, focused on the needs of homeowners and condominium associations. We emphasize stellar customer service backed by industry-specific training and education to provide quality management for your community.

We have time-tested policies and processes supported by the latest technology to provide consistent operations of the Association for the Board of Directors and Homeowners.  Our systems ensure that assessments are collected, covenants are enforced, and the Association’s day-to-day operations are managed. This frees you up to focus on being good, caring neighbors.

What We Do

Our focus is on serving the community, and we do that through three primary areas of service.

They like us. They really, really like us!

Special Assessments Payment

The one-time eCheck option is the preferred method to pay your special assessment.

If your association has a special assessment, you may need to set up a one-time payment even if you are signed up for auto-draft. Your statement and additional communication will provide you with specific instruction on how to pay any special assessments.


Bank Bill Payments

Payment through personal online banking service.

If you are using your online banking service to pay your HOA dues (assessments) then your bank’s online bill pay system will allow account holders to setup single or recurring payments for your association. Your bank will either send payment by issuing a paper check that is then mailed to the payee or the bank is able to convert to an electronic payment and transfer the funds as requested. When using this payment method, your payment is typically received within 2 to 10 business days, depending on if your bank issues electronic or paper check payments. 


Please note:

If you setup recurring payments, don’t forget to change the amount of the assessment manually as needed to avoid late payments.

Mail My Payments

If you need to mail your payment, we utilize a lockbox service. In order for your payment to be processed, you MUST include the coupon and mail it to the address listed on the coupon. Never pay with cash. Use a check or money order only.

If you have lost your payment stub, please contact us at 205.750.2260.

Submit a Maintenance Request for Your Property

Before you begin, please read. You will be prompted to log in to your account. Once you are logged in, select Maintenance Request from the drop-down menu and type in the details of your request and then submit.


If this is an urgent maintenance emergency, please call us at (205) 750-2260. For a list of after hours emergencies click here.

Receive a Violation Letter?

It’s important that you now take the necessary steps to correct the infraction as quickly as possible, since additional offenses may lead to fines. To avoid further action, please send us a written response. If we see that the violation has been corrected, the matter will be closed.

If you feel you are compliant and the violation letter was sent in error, please respond in writing so we can look into the matter for you.