Key Authorization

The governing documents for condominium associations require management to keep a current copy of keys to all units on file.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to make sure Spaces has a current copy on file. Additionally, we often receive requests to allow the use of the key we have on file.  To protect everyone, and make sure only authorized individual have access to use the key, we require a signed authorization from the owner. There are three common reasons a key is needed from our office.  For your convenience we have provided the form for each situation below so that you can easily complete the form and return it to us.

Do you have a standing vendor or family member that you want to be able to check out the key anytime? Use this form.
Are you listing your property for sale with a Realtor, or want someone to have a copy besides Spaces? Complete this form.
Do you need a vendor or other person to check a key out on a one time basis? Complete this form.